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Warehousing Service

Our services are integral to the manufacturing and distribution of various industrial and consumer-related materials serving a wide range of large to small and multinational to local businesses. Whether it be that your inventory is general commodities, electronics or pharmaceuticals, we can accommodate your needs.

  • Inventory management thru SAP and web visibility

  • Picking: by box, inner carton or units.

  • Repacking for multiple units deliveries.

  • Distribution of shipments for various clients.

  • Ability to handle oversized cargo.

  • Inventory expiration date rotation.

  • Unloading of palletized and floor loaded containers.

  • Labeling with bar codes.


  • Port-pick up.

  • Inbound reports, product inspection and photograph if necessary.

  • Outbound documentation (POD’s).

  • Pharmaceutical GMP’s        

  • HAZMAT trained personnel and drivers.

  • Quarantine area for damaged product. 

  • Capability to handle returns from clients.

  • Recording security cameras thru out the facilities.

  • 24-hour security guard. (CTPAT) standards.

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